Monday, September 22, 2008

Final Edition - IKE Chronicles

I finally returned home a week ago Sunday to find that we had very minimal damage to our home. Unlike so many Hustonians we were one of the lucky ones who received power that evening. Thanks be to God for listening to our prayers and watching over us!

Last Tuesday we took the time to survey the damage that had been widely reported on Kemah, TX. The sight was breathtaking! I can honestly say that I was not prepared to see the reality of the damage IKE caused.

Here is an aerial picture from the media...

And here is the view of the Aquarium that I took from the side of the building...

We could only view the Kemah boardwalk from a side angle, due to the horrific damage it was closed off to the public. However, we managed to capture a few pictures of the damage that IKE caused to some of the homes in Kemah. These homes are located on the water and approximately 100 feet from the Kemah Boardwalk.

This home use to be a little bed and breakfast. Now, it is completly removed from it's stilts.

Here is an 18 wheeler that was swept into the bay. It is hard to believe that the winds were so strong that it would litterally pick up and move this 18 wheeler into the bay. That's some mighty wind y'all.

To those who have been greatly affected by the storm you will remain in the Cook's thoughts and prayers.

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