Thursday, September 4, 2008

M.O.M, Mayor of Multitasking

Now once again, I am not political by any means, but every once and a while I do enjoy the thumb raising, fist pumping speeches by our politicians. At times they are comical, and sometimes just down right silly but every once in a while one of their comments will stop and make me think.

Last night I tried, to stay up for the anticipated speeches by Giuliani and Palin. But geez don't they know ten o'clock is way past my bed time. So, this morning as the hubby and I awoke, I leaned over to say, "So how was it?" The Hubby just grind and said you need to see it for yourself.

After shuffling Cookie off to school, I sat down to enjoy my coffee, blogs and Of course all the headlines are raging with Palin this and Palin that.

So, I cut to the chase and immediately went to CNN to catch up on the speeches. I have to say, Mr. Giuliani I am impressed. You captured by attention for the entire 26 minutes but it was the last 2 that really made me think.

I have to say, I agree! How dare people question, Palin's (or any Mother who juggles a career and motherhood) capabilities to manage her family life with the duties of being a leader. After all she is a MOM and in my opinion MOM stands for the Mayor of Multitasking. Who is to say a MOM can't change a diaper and sign a foreign policy at the same time.

Now, I am no way saying that I am driving around in my minivan with a bumper sticker that reads, McCain 08 or Honk if you are A Obama Girl. I am saying, that I like the fact that Giuliani took the time to recognize that being a Mother is a blessing and our capabilities as Mother's shouldn't be discounted because of the high demands of a job!

With the elections around the corner, I am just blessed to be an American with the opportunity to be a working mother with the right to vote. I blessed with the opportunity to raise my child in this county with a wonderful supportive husband, and most importantly be given the opportunity to enjoy both Motherhood and a Career!

After all I am just a [Non Political] Rookie Mom learning how to juggle it all one diaper at time!

Who knows, maybe these two could be the next dream team, Daddy & Daugther 2024? They seem to be thinking about the idea...

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Kathlene said...

Oh so true! Glad to see so many bloggers talking about Palin today. I agree with you completely on the fact that mothers are the ultimate multi-taskers, and I think she is more than capable of filling the position.

It would be wonderful to see her become the icon working mothers point to when asked if they can handle the balance.

- Kathlene
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