Wednesday, January 14, 2009

103.7 And I Don't Mean The Radio Station

Yesterday afternoon as I was leaving for Cookie's school I received a phone call saying that her fever had jumped from 99 to 102. Within ten minutes I arrived a 4:54 and headed straight for our medical clinic.

As I arrived at five pm the clinic was locked tighter than Ft. Knox. Since there is an after hours clinic down the road I thought I would run home and take Cookie's temperature and then head to the clinic by the time they open at 5:30. When we arrived home and I took her temperature, it had sky rocketed to 103.7!!

As you can imagine when you are flying solo it is easy to become overwhelmed and a little frightened at a temperature that high. I immediately packed Cookie into the car and off we went to the after hours clinic. As, I tried to keep my composure, I checked into the front desk and received a mound of paperwork to complete.

Apparently, each time you go to the after hours clinic you have to fill new paper work. I politely asked the front desk worker if there was any way that we could get Cookie into the Dr. while I filled out the paperwork, because her fever was increasing. You can only guess what Ms. Non-Personality, Compassion Lacking front office worker did...

She sent a Nurse out to tell me that, "Ms we CANNOT bring your daughter back, until all (what seemed to be) fifty pages of waivers, history, blah, blah, blah are completed." In complete shell shock, I felt as if nurse basically told me, "Ms. in order for us NOT to get SUED you will need to complete all of the paperwork, before we can treat your daughter, regardless if her fever is that high and could put her into shock."

After a millennium had passed we were finally in back to see the Dr. Needless to say when the nurse saw how high her temperature was on their machine, they sent the Dr. back right away. My reaction to the Dr. was, "You mean to tell me that because your machine clarifies how high her temperature reads, you will be highly attentive to her, what if it had gotten out of control while I was completing the paperwork?"

After the exam the Dr. explained that Cookie had a bi-lateral ear infection and that with medicine and Motrin she will be okay. After, I collected myself for a moment all I could do was express my concerns to the Dr. on how compassion less her staff was until my co-pay was paid and my insurance was confirmed.

Of course she was apologetic but it didn't help to replace the overwhelming tsunami of emotions I was experiencing. I was just relieved to know that it wasn't anything more serious than an ear infection that was causing her fever.

Within a matter of two hours I received one of the biggest health insurance reality checks of my life. At the end of the day when all of our physicians offices are closed and it comes to sick children we are ALL A LIKE! During my visit to the clinic I was no different than those with or without insurance, the have and have nots, the employed and unemployed. It that waiting room we were all equal and deserved the best medical care and compassion.

Yesterday, I felt as if I was in a room full of workers who lacked the compassion for our sick children. The nurses response will forever be embedded in my mind and I hope that she and Ms. Non-Personality front office worker one day will find the compassion they lacked for their patients at that moment.

Last night as I went through the mail, I came across one of my monthly newsletters from St. Jude. I cried as I read the caption to the child who I was sponsoring for the month I thanked God for the wonderful blessing of good health he has bestoed upon Cookie.

I am grateful for the organizations that put their heart and souls into making our Little ones lives better in the time of medical need and offer their parents a moment of ease. I am appreciative for the ability to donate to organizations such as St. Jude and Compassion.

These organizations are using their faith and compassion to give the children of the world a chance! Even though we are in a recession now is the time to give what you can. There are always those less fortunate that are grateful for our prayers and what little we can give to their children. A little can go a long way!

So this Valentines day when you are thinking about the perfect gift for your loved ones, what about a donation in their honor to one of these fine organizations.

Cheers to compassion and those who devote their lives to it each and everyday!

To my family and friends, CookiE is doing much better today and she is looking forward to getting back to her normal, spunky, curious self!

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