Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cookie Tested Daddy Approved

On Saturday we spent most of the day trying to figure out how to Cookie proof our doors with lever handles. We succeeded in Cookie proofing our bedroom, but when it came to our laundry room, well that was a little tricky.

We couldn't get the device to align correctly; that is until Cookie walked into the laundry room, slammed the door and basically said to us, yep it's aligned now Daddy!

I guess you can say it is now Cookie tested and Daddy Approved!

The second half of the day was just as amusing. I had the brilliant idea that we should start introducing Cookie to the potty. Since it was raining, I thought why not? The idea wasn't to have her master potty training at sixteen months, it was more or less to get her excited about the idea of having her own little throne.

I found myself rather amused when I was reading the instructions. In black and white it illustrates that even children should be equipped with their preferred reading materials when going to the potty. Take a look, I had to do a double take as well...

Good thing I have her potty here...

I would just hate to think that Cookie wasn't following the instructions and not reading while she goes potty. I guess we are in for a wild ride and teaching Cookie about the potty as she catches up on the latest celebrity gossip and hottest fashion trends.

Needless to say after we introduced Cookie to her potty spent the rest of the afternoon playing Queen of the hill on it. Baby steps for now I guess. She was happy as a peach when she came off of her hill, the rain disappeared and was able to go on a bike ride with her Daddy...

I guess now is the time to ask for potty training advice. If you have it we will take it!

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Julie said...

You're brave! I potty train when they're ready - a lot less stressful and fewer headaches for you!