Friday, January 16, 2009

A Doogie Marathon

For some time now, the Hubby and I have been enjoying the TV show How I Met Your Mother nights.

As I watched Barnie make up one of his legendary catch phrases, I got to thinking what ever happened to all of the Doogie Howeser, M.D. episodes? Did they just go to TV Heaven?

After doing a little googling, I came across the best site With one click my beloved Doogie and I were reconnected (oh, and you can't forget about Cousin Vinny). Looks like I will be having a Doogie marathon in the Hz houze this weekend!

Ever wonder where your favorite TV show went after it was cancelled? Chances are it could be right here. Check it out

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No excuse me while I catch up with the Doogster and hang out with Cookie!

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