Monday, January 19, 2009

The Hubby and His Hog

Seven years ago after we were first married the Hubby called me at work and announced that he had just gotten the best deal on a brand new "Hog." This was his dream and that I should be really proud of not only the deal he had received but also that he had received a free helmet with his purchase.

That afternoon we went and purchased this said "Hog" and needless to say he has been riding it ever since. I have to admit that over the last seven years it has come in handy when gas prices were high and we needed to make quick trips to the grocery store.

On Saturday as I was nestled in the couch and watching a movie, the hubby came in for an impromptu fashion show and insisted that we have a photo shoot to capture the moment.

Here is the moment...

After all you have to have fire flames on your helmet when you are tearing up the open road on a "Hog" like this...

Don't worry if you are on the road and the Hubby passes you, he is actually a certified "Scooter" driver.

Now, for those who need a laugh this Monday morning here is a picture just for you...

Happy Monday!

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