Monday, July 28, 2008

83 and Another Year Wiser

This past weekend we all got together to celebrate the birthday of the one the only..."Grandfather Sir."

It was a great celebration! Of course in true Collins Fashion we rounded out the night with everyone sharing their best "Pootin'" stories. Now if you don't know what "pootin'" is well then I will let you just ponder that one...let's just say it rhymes with Tootin'.

In preparation for Granddaddy's birthday, we pondered a lot about what to get the young man and most importantly how do you light 83 candles. By the end of the week we had it all worked out. Cathy & Chris detailed Granddaddy's truck that by the way is three years old and has a whopping 7,000 miles on it and the rest of the gang installed ceiling fans outside. As for the candle we found the thickest one Grandma had in her candle stick and WA LA...Happy Birthday to you

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