Monday, July 7, 2008

Glorified Poop Catchers

We had a super duper Fourth of July weekend. Lots of good food and fun all weekend long.

The Hubby and I even managed to squeeze in a date night...which meant I had to befriend my hair dryer, and dust off the high heels. It was a big night in the Cook household. Of course the camera enjoyed the night on my kitchen counter.

During the weekend if we weren't expanding our waist bands we were feeling 10 lbs lighter while floating in the Cook swimming hole. Cookie has a blast in her little swim suit, little swimmers, and floaty. Swim lessons have really paid off...she can lounge in her float 100 times better now.

While in Florida my sister in law informed me to be careful with the Little Swimmers and not to put Cookie in them until we get to swim lessons because they are basically just Glorified Poop Catchers.

Unfortunately, in a rush to get Cookie to her last swim practice a few weeks ago we quickly changed her at school. While waiting for swim lessons to begin the Hubby felt a nice warm feeling on his shirt...

Cookie marked her Daddy right before swim practice. Hoping that nobody noticed we quickly did what any parent would do...removed the evidence and dipped her in the water.

My advice change your little ones at swim lessons...or yourself and/or Hubby's could end up a marked man.

Luckily over the fourth of July weekend the little swimmers worked like a champ and Cookie didn't have any Baby Ruth moments if you know what I mean..wink wink

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