Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby's Got Some New Overalls Y'all

This morning while I was getting ready, I overheard the hubby and Cookie just laughing away. Together they create the most infectious laugh. I peeked my head in to find Cookie dressed liked this...

And then found myself having the following conversation with the hubby...

Hubby: See Honey they are perfect for Cookie, for Mommy's not so much

RM: Oh Honey, you loved my big girl pants aka overalls

Hubby: Nope not really

Okay so here is a little bit of a background. The hubby is not much of a fashion kind of guy. Give that boy a pair of khaki's, crocs, t-shirt and an Astros cap and he is one happy little camper. Since 1997, he has never questioned my fashion sense [what little I have, thanks to Lucky Magazine] that is until November 18, 2001. You know the day after we said our marriage vows and apparently the day when those little things that have been bugging you about one another are discussed...such as my overalls! For me I layed down the law on tooting, it was not to be within the same room at anytime. That lasted a good...60 seconds.

[Side Note: Here is a little tip for all of your tootin' hubby's, I recently established "No Tooting" zones in the Cook household. They are basically everywhere except for OUTSIDE. You should try them they work really well.]

Now looking back on my overall wearing 90's years I have to admit he was right, they weren't that great looking. I found that out the hard way when I made the mistake of trying to squeeze into them during my third trimester of pregnancy. Pregnancy and overalls not a very good combination.

Oh that hubby you may think that I tune you out sometimes and that I don't take your advice, but you were right on this one. Okay there is your one Right Moment for the year, now go and enjoy it. I will be at home pulling out the overalls and finally putting them to rest. Yes I have to admit, a year ago I gave you one pair, but I secretly kept another just in case they...came back in style.

As for my Yoga pants and cotton T's, if you have a comment just wait a few year and then tell me! I am enjoying this trend a little to much right now.

Love You!


Anonymous said...

love u 2

Lorelei said...

Oh yeah. Overalls on little bits are definitely adorable!! What a cutie!