Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Top Ten Suprises of New Parenthood

As a RM I am constantly referring to the web for new tips and tricks for our little Cookie. This morning I came across the following article from on The Top Ten Surprises of New Parenthood and I just had to reflect on these wonderful suprises.

So here it goes...

Surprise #1: Your relationship with your partner will change

RM: If I could have looked in the future and seen what an amazing father my Hubby would have been, I would have had children much earlier. He surprises me everyday with our partnership and his drive to be the world’s greatest daddy.

Surprise #2: You'll have no idea where the time goes

RM: Just yesterday I viewed the pictures of Cookie as a baby and now we are approaching the one year mark. If I had my way I would roll back the clock and enjoyed more of the sleepless nights and not worried so much about trying to squeeze in that one last conference call.

Surprise #3: You may look different

RM: Yep, you got that right. Let’s just say that size 8 is the new 4 and it’s all about the cotton….a little wiggle room goes a long way in Yoga pants.

Surprise #4: You'll join an exclusive worldwide club

RM: The best membership you can ever have. It never expires and the dues are priceless.

Surprise #5: You'll be stronger than you ever imagined

RM: It is no longer about me or the Hubby it is all about Cookie. Each day the Hubby and I want to learn how we can make this world a better place for her. We want to ones to ease her pain and wipes away her tears.

Surprise #6: You'll make "mistakes" you never anticipated

RM: Yep, and learning each day from them. We just chalk those up as our "Brittney" moments.

Surprise #7: Your friendships will change

RM: Bring on the Chardonnay Play dates. What once were talks about fashion and US Weekly is now talks about the latest parenting tips and tricks. It really does take a Village to raise a child.

Surprise #8: There'll be times when you hate parenting

RM: You can’t hate what you don’t know. We have found that you can’t predict what type of parents you will be you. We have learned that Parenting is about growing each day. The Hubby and I might not always have the best solution but it is the team work that get’s us through the rough patches.

Surprise #9: You'll be overwhelmed by love (and other emotions)

RM: The Hubby and I had the opportunity to fall into love, but on the day we were blessed with Cookie we instantly felt a love that we never knew existed.

Surprise #10: You'll have to let go sooner than you think

RM: I don’t even want to imagine it!

Oh the joy of the years to come, the mistakes we will make and the lessons we will learn from one diaper at a time. Team Cook is our motto!

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Kathy Slattengren said...

Surprise #11: All the time and energy you put into developing your parenting skills when the kids are young really does pay off when they are teenagers!