Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Detroit Isn't Rockin'

Are you curious about what I am doing right now...

I am sitting in the Detroit Airport for the next SIX...yes, SIX hours.

Oh well, looks like I have will have plenty of time to catch up on a few phone calls and maybe do a little online shopping. Maybe I will even run up and down the escalators for fun, or even take a tour of the airport. I wonder if the man who drives the golf cart around who screams, "Excuse the cart, cart coming through" will give me a lift?

Stay tune for more on my airport adventures....

Right now I would like to take the time to give A big fat shout out to Verizon for their wireless Internet capabilities, you are saving me from becoming the next 5 o'clock news story in Detroit..."Today at Five, Houston woman found wondering around the Detroit Airport, taking random pictures of passengers and claiming it is material for her blog...more to come at 10!"

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