Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Picture "Perfect" People

This past weekend the Hubby and I went to have Cookie's One year old pictures taken. They turned out fantastic, not that I am partial or anything.

Over the last year we have been going to the Picture People for her must have milestone photos and we continue to have such a great experience there. We are in and out within an hour and their rewards program is well worth it. The best part in that there are NO sitting fees and the cost are pretty reasonable. They always have great coupons as well.

The only downfall for us is that it is located in the mall. Which means while I am waiting I am forced to do a little shopping and always seem to end up with that must have shirt and that perfect moisturizer (that in my impulsive mind) is well worth the ridiculous price. But oh well, at least I will have on the perfect shirt while my miracle working moisturizer is giving me that ensured new mother glow, while showing off Cookie's precious pictures!

Vanity and Impulse shopping, gotta love it every once and a while!

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Wani said...

I've always wanted to try there. But I'm a photographer on the side and usually take the cheapskate way out and do our own pix!