Friday, August 1, 2008

Mommy Packing List

In preparation for Florida (part II) trip, I referred back to the Baby Center packing checklist. This list was great when we were preparing for our first trip to FL this year. I thought that everything was covered on the list, which is until we drove ALL night (8 Hours) to get home.

Did I mention EIGHT hours in a minivan! So, I thought I would share my Top 10 Mommy Things I am packing for this trip...

• Ear Plugs – Great, when Cookie decides that she wants to entertain herself in the car by listening to herself cry!
• Sunglasses – Not only great for the beach but even better to cover up sleepless eyes
• Time Out Chair aka Beach Chair – Mommy’s need a time out too!
• Sunscreen 40+ -- A sunburn and baby fingernails are never a good combination
• Swimsuit Cover Up – Gravity is reality! Baby Got Back keeps ringing in my ears for some reason on this one. Oh the joy of having a child and the expansion of my hips.
• US Weekly / People / OK– One hour reading about celebrities and you begin to appreciate that driving your minivan to a paparazzi free beach isn’t all that bad
• Excedrin – 15 minutes or less, need I say more?
• Toilet Paper – There are NO BUCCEES on this stretch of I-10 which equals very few Clean Restrooms!
• Chardonnay – combine this with a beach sunset and it is enough to refuel anyone’s batteries
• Sanity – Because EVERY ounce counts

Now if you should be traveling down I-10 this weekend and see this…

You really should honk, because it may just be The Cooks!

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Lorelei said...

Great list! We're taking a beach trip at the end of Aug...first one with bambino! So all the tips I can find are welcome! Thanks!