Friday, August 22, 2008

You Never Know Who You Will Meet Next

Well, I made it home. Needless to say I ended up spending more time in the Detroit airport than in VT, but that is okay because eventually I got to come home to this precious girl!

Tip of the day, if you are ever flying into Detroit...Wear your sneakers and don't worry about exercising that week. Once you get off the plane you are guarantee to run at least a mile to get to your next gate! Heels and a 20lb computer bag are never a good combination.

Though my travels were hectic this week, I managed to meet some very interesting characters during my time in Detroit.

Coming home yesterday, I sat next to a girl named Greta who is 21 and was heading back to OH for her Senior year. We talked the entire way from VT to MI and she was just precious. We talked about life, babies and how sleeping in until 7 am was going to be the thrill of my Friday. When she chuckled at my statement of sleeping until 7 am, I just simply replied and said don't day that will be late to you as well!

Then during my layover I met a divorced gentleman who felt obligated to tell me that after 18 years of marriage his wife filed for divorce and his kids 11 & 7 were now living with her in MO and she is now married to a guy and holding the title of wife number 5. Of course, holding tight to my Chardonnay I simply just had to say...that will be $100 for the therapy session with a smile.

Also, sitting next to us was a young solider just back from Iraq who was en route to a friends wedding with his new girlfriend. They indulged in shots and laughter. Oh to be 21. They proceeded to order their "SOCO's" and Corona and of course I just had to ask, "What is SOCO?" They chuckled and said mam, you don't know what SOCO is with raised eyebrows. It is Southern Comfort straight up! I just had to simply reply, Southern Comfort...oh my, well this mam would be passed out and definitely be using the complimentary barf bag on the plane if I had that. They laughed and said I guess it gets tough getting older! Oh the nerve; however, since he is serving our country after all, so I will just let that little comment go.

When I finally got on the plane en route to Houston, I sat next to a Woman from Houston who was so excited to see her boyfriend that lives in Tulsa but was in town for business. He is divorced after 21 years and didn't understand why she was so independent. Let's just say the conversation was Dr. Phil part II. The gentleman to the right of me was an owner of a company who had just lost his business partner due to a heart attack a month a go and has two kids and lives on 22 acres in Dripping Springs.

You could just say for those two hours and four minutes we were like one big happy Row 14 family!

I could go on and on about the different characters that I have met over the last 24 hours, but I would be here for a while.

Traveling is never easy, because it means that I will be away from Cookie and the Hubby for a while, but the people I meet in my time away always brings me back to reality that we all have one thing in common...

We are all God's creatures and the only thing that separates us are the challenges we face and how we choose to overcome them!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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