Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Crafty Good Time To Be Had

Had I read my Parenting magazine last night I would have had a much better time being crafty than flipping back and forth to the debate on TV. Oh, well I managed to lower my blood pressure down a little and indulge a little reality TV. Nothing can make a girl feel smarter than watching the "victims" of reality TV, style their latest celebrities, survive being stranded on an island and checking in on the girls on the hills.

Yes, I admit I am a reality TV watching, Us Weekly reading, Lottery playing Rookie Mom. Hey, who doesn't like a chance at early retirement?

Now, that I have decided to admit my addictions [hey, isn't the first step to recovery admitting your addictions?] I really should get back to the fun Halloween crafts that I came across yesterday evening and just had to share. They are cheap, fun and fast!

Parenting is offering five Creepy Halloween Crafts in this months magazine. I am going to first start with No-carve Pumpkins and then work my way down the list.

For the Pumpkins you will need:

  • Black contact paper

  • Empty water bottles

  • Orange soda

  • Green electrical tape


  • Cut jack-o'-lantern faces out of contact paper and stick on front of bottles. Fill with orange soda, twist caps on tightly, then cover caps with electrical tape.

And it should look a little something like this...

Stay tune, tomorrow I will reveal how mine turned out...

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Wani said...

This is awesome! I might have to try it w/ my little guy!