Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sippy Cup Savings

After many months of buying and trying a variety of sippy cups, Cookie has finally mastered one! Guess, which one she likes the best? Of course, the five for $4.59 travel and go cups. My little recessionista you steal my heart with you unknown love for a good deal.

Oh and by the way, I recently changed to the Kroger brand diapers and much to my surprise they are Super. This Rookie Mom would even dare to say they are better than the name brand ones.

I can almost see into the future. You know sixteen years from now when Cookie and I are in one of those trendy store dressing rooms, on one of our impromptu [gotta have, I am gonna die, you never understand me, life is going to end, he will never ask me to the dance, if I don't have these] shopping trips. I imagine the conversation to probably go a little something like this...

RM: Honey, you do not need those $100 pair of jeans, the Gap brand is just as good. When you were little you never needed name brand diapers, why do you need a hiney cover now that is overpriced denim, with a label that cost more than the jeans?"

Cookie: Gooossshhhhh, you never understand!!!!! Uggggghhhh, (stomp, stomp) Fine, (huff huff)

RM: When you have your own job and your own daughter then you can make the decision on what to buy. Until then, The Gap it is.

Of course, I am not reliving any of my own adolescent experiences. Just letting the old imagination run wild until Grey's Anatomy. [wink, wink]

Okay where was I? Oh yeah savings. With my extra savings I thought long and hard about my next investment and like any wise investor, I reinvested it back into Kroger by splurging on a lipstick.

Here is a little milk and Cookie for an evening treat.

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