Friday, October 24, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor

Or your house just may end up on this website:

My girlfriend told me about this last night and it really struck my curiosity.

Let me just say, I was a little amazed by what I saw and THANKFUL that my neighbors haven't written anything about the Cook's. But then I remember that my husband after all is the "Mayor" of the cul de sac.

You need help he is there, you need a dog quieted he will talk to the other neighbors for you and most of all if you need a beer, he is there to open his refrigerator and give you a koozie. [Love you dear! I hope you are having a good day.]

So here is a little 411 on RottenNeighbor.

Tree lined streets. White picket fences. Band practice next door till 3 a.m.? Definitely not what you had in mind when you bought your home! is here to help. It's the first real estate search engine of its kind, helping you find troublesome neighbors before you sign the paperwork on your new house, condo or apartment. RottenNeighbor is the largest site anywhere in the world covering the neighbor space, and we're certain you'll agree that the value it offers is unmatched anywhere else!

  • Get access to detailed maps of states, counties, cities and neighborhoods, all search able by zip code
  • Find important neighborhood information by searching the site's user-provided data
  • Help others by uploading your own good or rotten neighbors to our database

Whether you're moving down the street or across the country, we want you to be aware of bad neighbors before you relocate. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make, and we are here to provide more peace of mind. Real estate agents can also use RottenNeighbor as a tool to market their services and feel more secure about the homes they show to their clients.

They also have some pretty interesting videos.

So my advice would be to love thy neighbor or you never know if your house could end up on this site highlighted in red. On second thought maybe this is the time to list that pesky neighbor that has been driving you crazy. Whatever you choose to do with this information, be sure to have a happy Friday!

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