Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dear PentopAnger,

I received your comment yesterday and thought I would actually take the time to respond to it. Normally I would not take the time to respond to such a comment but I felt that now would be as good as time as any to NOT justify why I choose to post the items I post but to clarify that if you do not agree with what I choose to write then it might be best to scoot along to a different blog.

I found your comment to be a little rough around the edges and would like to pose the question, if you choose to write such a statement to point out someones flaws then why do you choose to leave it with a non-reply e-mail address? Is it because you perish the thought that a Rookie Mom might find the time between diapers and all night awakenings to e-mail you back with a response.

I assume that by your tone that you may be a Democrat and that is okay because much to your surprise this Rookie Mom is a registered Democrat herself. However, just because a 4X6 voter registration card states that I am affiliated with one party that does not deny me of my choice to be open minded to both parties messages.

Throughout this entire campaign there has been talks about "change this" and "change that." But at the end of the day do really feel that your candidate could live up to those changes? Besides at the end of the day "change" doesn't start with one person who is elected to sit in the oval office, it starts with us the Americans and the choices we make each day to make "change" a reality.

Apparently this campaign has you a little uptight and I think maybe it would be best to refocus your anger for the next seven days and go out and do a good deed it might find you a little inspired and maybe a little happier.

I appreciate your comment because every voice should be heard. Therefore, I choose to post your comment and at the end of the day congratulate you on making your choice in this years trying election. I just wonder, have you even voted?

I just wanted to point out the flaw in the reasoning behind this story. If the woman conducting this "rather unscientific redistribution experiment" genuinely had an interest in making it scientific, she would have taken $2 from the tip and given it to the homeless man. This is closer to the tax the young waiter would pay under the Obama plan, and I'm sure he wouldn't have stormed away. I'd imagine anyone you tax 100% is going to be angry and Obama isn't proposing it. For illustrative purposes, lets say the owner of the restaurant makes $1,000,000. Even if we tax him 50%, he's still doing pretty well with $500,000. He may not like it, but if his democratically elected government says that's what his country needs from him, I'm sure he will put COUNTRY FIRST and understand. If the majority of the electorate believes health care is a right, the old and the poor should be taken care of, and democracy should be exported and protected at a cost of $400 billion a year, then the owner should see the extra tax as his patriotic duty. Jesus railed against doing nothing about poverty way more than he did against birth control so he can even see the efforts by the state to beef up the social safety net as his religious duty too. This is the kind of unselfish, COUNTRY FIRST thinking that will get us through the current crisis as opposed to the COUNTRY FIRST campaign signs you all sport that are really just a way to call those you disagree with godless, communist, terrorist sympathizers without seeming soooooo last century. And don't you put God first anyways? Finally, this was no experiment. She was spitefully punishing someone she disagreed with and thought her way to express it was so cute and clever she had to have an audience. Really it was as mean as stiffing your server because you don't like his tie would be in a non election year.
--your story ended up in my email via my family so i wanted to share my response with the source. Thanks for your time.

So, in conclusion I ask the blogger world to talk amongst yourself. If you would like to comment to Mr. / Mrs. PentopAnger then I say let your comments run wild. I think PentopAnger needs a little attention.

Oh and by the way, I think you should leave God out of this one, he is much busier watching over our troops, providing us with the strength and direction to get through these hard economic times and more importantly watching over the health of our family and friends than to worry about if I am not putting him first because of who I choose to vote for our the causes I choose to believe in. The big man knows that he always comes first in our home and that my family praises him each day for his blessing.

Besides the problems with the economy is not because someone didn't put God first it is because some corporate CEO's and our legislative leaders chose to think that they are "God" when they made decisions that have greatly impacted all of us.


One Non-Political Rookie Mom with a Response

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