Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mr. Pumpkin Carver

Tonight at the strike of 6 o'clock the hubby will transform into the Pumpkin Carver man. Each year with the help of Mr. Sharpie we creatively draw the outline for our pumpkins.

This year I thought we would spice it up and use a stencil. So, I referred to my friend Mr. Google to look for the stencil. What do you know there are about a million (give or take) to search.

So I decided to go with the Pumpkin Lady's. She has it all. From simple to outrageous! You can learn more about the Pumpkin Lady by clicking here and read her blog by clicking here.

I think that we should give these a try...

Until then our pumpkins will sit in peace in our front yard. Be sure to visit Rookie Mom 101 tomorrow because I will be revealing our pumpkins!

Cheers to pumpkin stencil picking and carving!

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