Thursday, October 16, 2008

There is No Place Like Home

Now this is amazing. Since the storm there has been a lot of continuing coverage on how evacuees are rebuilding their lives piece by piece, how people are helping people and then there is this one. The cat who really felt that there is no place like home.

Our neighbors are friends with the owner (Max) and shared with us his e-mail, recapping Choctaw's adventure...

Our cat, Choctaw, found our house from Calvert Texas a month after Ike had caused her to run off!!! We evacuated, with our numerous animals to my Dad's house, which is north of College Station / Bryan area about 160 miles away and after being locked up in her travel cage, Choctaw escaped, evidently deciding she was going home with or without us!!! After an exhausting search for her, we decided to come on home and hoped after she calmed down she would go back to Dads. Imagine our surprise last night when she showed up at our front door, wanting in and seemingly no worse for the wear!!!! We've called Dad and Roianne's every week since the storm and even had them alert the neighbors to keep an eye out for her, but never dreamed that she would find her way to Santa Fe!?! Cathy told me that Choctaw was home and I told her to, "call Disney because that kind of stuff only happens in the movies!!!" I hope everyone has a great Columbus Day and good Monday morning.-- Max

You can read the full story and even see Choctaw by clicking here.

I am glad that there precious kitty returned home and I hope that they receive their call from Disney!

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