Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Defining Momism

As a Rookie Mom, I have learned that sometimes there are times in life that I will NOT have all the right answers and I will continue to learn from my mistakes.

My sister was right when she spoke the phrase after Cookie's birth, "Yes, she is perfect and only you can screw her up." Not exactly the sweet somethings you want to hear after giving birth. But ironically I have come to find out that it is true on some many levels.

In a recent discussion with a girlfriend she constantly used the term Momism when telling a story of her little ones latest meltdown in Target.

In an eager attempt to expand my vocabulary [okay really just a chance to google] I located the definition of a Momism. Some have described Momism to be trend in America that places guilt on mothers — as to whether they’re making the right choices for their children.

When I further researched the definition I found one that I could really identify with. It was the definition that was accompanied by a Martini add.

One would think that this perfectly placed Martini ad is providing us with the underlining ad message that with every grey hair that is caused by public tantrums, and the stress we place on ourselves as Moms to produce the worlds best never hurts to escape from motherhood once in a while to enjoy a good martini!

I know that whatever decisions I make for Cookie and the [oh, so public] meltdowns they may cause, Cookie and I will weather them together. I may be a Rookie Mom, but I am learning each day one diaper (and cosmopolitan) at a time.

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