Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Magic of A Lollipop

The greatest lesson I have learned as a Rookie Mom is listen to other Mom's! Now, I am not saying that you should follow every piece of advice that comes your way, but at least listen because every once and a while you will pick up some of the greatest tips and tricks ever!

During our recent Thanksgiving visit, we flew with Cookie for the first time. On the plane ride to NW AR we encountered our first plane ride melt down and watched as the passenger in front of us held his fingers in his ears and rocked back and forth. Yep, I think he was a little unnerved.

Then during our visit Cookie had a mega [I mean M-E-G-A, glass shattering, earth moving, sea parting] good old fashion Meltdown with a capital M. Needless to say this Rookie Mom, had emptied out her bag of tricks. My bag consisting of everything from Motrin to teething tablets to Valium! Okay, the Valium was a thought in my mind, but sure would have been nice to have during this Oscar winning meltdown performance.

Just when I had come to the end of my rope, Cookie became silent! In amazement I turned to Cookie to notice that she had been given the best gift a mom could ever ask for...a lollipop! Just like that the meltdown was O to the V to the E-R, OVER!

My sister in law blessed me with the magic of the lollipop, or what I would like to refer to it as the Silencer. Therefore, when we prepared to come home we loaded the diaper bag with endless amounts of DUM DUMS.

When the Hubby saw my ziplock bag of them he asked, "why so many?" I just simply replied, "because the five second rule unfortunately doesn't count in the airports."

Needless to say, since we were armed with our lollipop ammunition, this is what Cookie did on the plane ride home...

All was well on flight 2089!

Now for your karaoke pleasure, a treat just for you...

Cheers to the lollipop!


yunia said...

lol, lollipops are great :) but the sugar after effects might not be so great

Amy from Texas said...

Ahhh, the magic lollipop! I have 2 bags of Dum Dums on hand at ALL TIMES. ha.

My poor daughter is going to have major cavities.