Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fortune Says

Since we were hanging with Santa, I thought that I would keep dinner simple and order take out.

Nothing says a winter night like a pile of Chinese take out boxes, a warm couch and on demand TV.

After dinner, I topped off my General Tso's feast with a fortune Cookie. I thought I would keep the desert light since I just ingested a good 2000+ calories in each mouth savoring, double fried sweet and spicy general taso chicken. You know my desert choice is like ordering a super sized value meal from McDonald's and ordering a DIET Coke with it. I guess one could say I am at least prioritizing my calories!

We have a little game in the Cook household that each time you read your fortune cookie you must add "IN BED" at the end of it. Silly, I know but we are not ones to break tradition.

My fortune read, "You will inherit a big sum of money, in bed!" and the hubby's read "Be yourself, and you will always be in fashion, in bed!"

After reading mine to the Hubby he immediately brought in our Early Retirement tickets aka TX Lottery tickets.

You know what, my fortune was right...

We Won!?!

A Whopping $3 dollars, woo hoo! What would we ever do with our windfall...put it back in the lottery of course!

Cheers to winning the lottery big or small!

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Stay At Home Mom said...

Oh wow! What luck! haha. It really is a lot of fun when the circumstances seem to fall into place. I also love imposing such rules at home. It makes our activities more exciting.