Saturday, December 13, 2008

It isn't Times Square But it's A Start

Yesterday was one of my best mall trip I have had in a really long time. You know those days when everything just works right. The sales are good (by the way, Coach handbags are 30% off at Macy's today!), and people are just in the good old Christmas spirit.

The main goal at the mall was to have Cookie's Christmas pictures taken at the Picture People. We have been there on several occasions and just recently for her birthday photos in August. We were so pleased with the results and we highly recommend them to all of our friends. Especially since their prices are reasonable, there is NO sitting fees and you are in and out in less than an hour and half with your photos.

As we walked into Picture People, I immediately stopped dead in my tracks and yelled, "Oh, my gosh there is Cookie!" The salesperson said, "Do you know her?" I said, "I sure do! Here she is!"

Since August they have been displaying Cookie's photos on one entire wall...

Needless to say GG (my Mother in Law), was having one of those super-duper-uber Proud Grandma moments. You know the one when they will dote on their grandchildren to anyone who will listen. Yep, she could have just stood in the doorway of the studio and shown Cookie's pictures to anyone who walked past the studio. To bad I couldn't put a Christmas bow on the moment and called it even in the recession gift giving department. [Don't worry though this sneaky little Santa had your gift in Cookie's shopping cart while I was there.]

I had explained to the sales associate that I had called numerous times to get the proofs but had yet to receive them. This in turned caused GG to hyperventilate a little because by darn she wasn't going to leave that place without one of the pictures they had framed.

Yep, I think she was pretty much going to rip one off the wall and head for the Exit. So, with the fear of the mall security going after my Mother in Law, I politely (on a sterner side) asked the associate to find the proofs while we went to lunch.

After Cookie's little photo shoot we went to the Food Court to have a little lunch. We watched as Cookie enjoyed each fist full of her lunch from Sonic. I think my child has the special talent of being able to stick her entire fist in her mouth. Just give her a grilled cheese and she'll show ya!

We returned to the studio to enjoy some of the cutest little Christmas photos and the joy that they found our proofs! Needless to say that made GG one happy lady.

Our trip was officially successful, due to the fact that I was guaranteed at that moment that there would be no security guards chasing GG down in a golf cart!

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