Thursday, December 4, 2008

To Santa with Love

Since August we have had Christmas lurking upon us as stores prepared for the holiday event. Now that the halls are decked and the sounds are Christmas are all around us, I was so excited to receive Cookie's first letter from Santa Claus.

We both danced to the excitement [okay, we were actually dancing to the sounds of my non-Grammy winning Santa Claus is coming to town rap]. The hubby and I actually got one as well. Though the Hubby might need to watch his back or he may just end up on the naughty list, if he keeps waking up on the "wrong" side of the bed. [Love you, Honey!]

In the spirit of Christmas here are a few of my favorite letters to Santa...

Mommy asked me what I wanted you to bring me for Christmas and I just replied......CHRISTMAS!
- Catherine, 2, Orillia, Ontario

How are you able to get down the chimney and be in so many places throughout the world in just one short night? I need to know because my mom says her Christmas dress is too small from last year and she says there's no time to go and get all the things done in time for Christmas?
- Elizabeth, 9, Calgary, Alberta

I was pretty bad last year and now I'm back with my family and it's great. I just hope everyone gets what they want this year. Merry Christmas.
- Jenn, 19, Billings, Montana

I could sure use some ideas about what to get my wife. Has she sent you a list of suggestions?
- Dale, 43, Carrollton, Texas

Do you keep jumper cables in your sled in case Ruldolph's nose goes out? (its gotta go out sometimes!).
- Jessica, 10, Lodi, California

What I'd really like is for my husband's ex-wife to be banished to the North Pole with no telephone in sight, but I know miracles are out of your jurisdiction.
- Cierra, 42, Allons, Tennessee

As my brother has been a very, very, very bad boy I would like you to send someone to torture him. Maybe a chunk of coal too. Bring my parents some neat stuff and the bill.
- Holly, 9, Toledo, Ohio

Please help out the people that cannot have a decent Christmas. Help the homeless find homes, help the starving find food and shelter. Christmas is really about helping others and celebrating the birth of Jesus and being with family and friends. Its not just about toys!
- Justin, 7, New York, New York

Christmas is my favorite holiday. People are much nicer during the holidays.
- Josh, 10, Olympia, Washington

I heard that Rudolf shoots lasers from his nose to protect the North Pole. Is it true?
- Stephen, 9, Calgary, Alberta

I recently, found a great website where Santa has joined the ranks of the world wide web. You can contact him at Free letters from Santa and he will send the perfect little Santa Note to your little ones. You can e-mail, download or for $2.99 have it mailed to your little one. Since we are in a recession of course, I downloaded mine.

Cheers to letters to Santa and keeping off of the naughty list!

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