Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lotion, It's the New Conditioner

With all of the weather, heavy travel schedule and preparing for Christmas, I guess you can say I have been a little crazed. However, this morning I discovered that somewhere between yesterday and 6:30 am I completely fell off my rocker and need a vacation! [Note to any local travel agents if you need someone to carry the task of surveying a five star resort in the Caribbean, I am your woman! Just email me at]

Can you spot what is wrong with my toiletries in the shower?

Never mind the Anti-Aging face wash because that is correct, but if you noticed the Lotion then you are the winner! Yep, this Rookie Mom has been using lotion for her conditioner since Sunday! One would think that I would grab the conditioner upon my discovery, but nah...I went ahead and just used the lotion again.

Don't worry, Mr. Conditioner after a good nights rest, I will be coming after you in the morning.

So this holiday season if you are traveling and find yourself without conditioner than just roll with the hotel body lotion!

Cheers to silky smooth body lotion hair!

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