Friday, January 18, 2008

Clean As a Whistle

Remember the days of laying out and using baby oil as a our cases burnscreen. Well of course those tanning days are over (since learning that sunscreen really does serve a purpose), not to mention that size of bikini is a thing of the past...I have found another purpose for baby oil in that it is a great tool in getting wax out of Baby Cookie's ears!

Yes, we have a winner when it comes to cleaning her ears and I thought I would share this trick with other Rookie Moms.

If you see that your little one has waxy little ears, just simply place a little bit of baby oil on the end of a q-tip and gently swab the area and WA-La, clean as a whistle. It even works well on our size of ears too!

Got any additional ear cleaning tips? Now that my ears are a little cleaner these days and I seem to be hearing much better, I can definitely use the advice from all you Veteran Mom's out there!


Ashlyn said...

What a great tip! My son ALWAYS has wax build up! I'm going to try this tomorrow :) How did you think of this?

Mom2fur said...

Baby oil is great for cleaning pet ears, too, LOL!
When I was a kid (a million years ago--I turn 52 on Friday), I fell asleep in the sun, on the beach, with baby oil on. I swear I fried. That was the worst sunburn ever. And it messed up my skin for years.

Boy, were we ever dumb back then!