Friday, January 11, 2008

Nice Dr. Big Shots

Today we took baby cookie in for her four month shots! As always it was nice visiting with the Dr. and seeing how well Baby Cookie has progressed.

She is now 15 whopping lbs, and is falling within the 80% of her stats. He said that she looks great and that she is coming along really well and that within the next couple of weeks we can start her on stage 1 foods.

The visit was going really well until the nice Nurse came in with the Shots! My heart always sinks when I see the needles but Cookie did really well. She cried a little more this time but we were prepared for that this time around.

I dropped her off at school around 11 am and we will watch her over the next 48hrs to make sure that there is no reaction to today's visit. We will keep you all updated on her progress through out the weekend and stay tune for many more Cookie Notes to come.

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