Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gift Giving Idea for Valentine's Day

Each morning the Hubby and I are so blessed with the good fortune of seeing our little Cookie happy and in good health. Unfortunately that is not the case for some parent who have to deal with their child being effected by diseases that we can barely pronounce and much less spell.

This gift giving idea is for the children who put on a brave smiling face as they walk through the halls of St. Jude. The hubby and I have been a contributor of St. Jude for three years now and each month we receive a precious envelope in the mail that holds the picture of one of these children. They proudly grace my refrigerator and I get to see their little faces each morning and say a little prayer that God is watching after them and providing them with the strength to make it through these tough times.

Each major holiday The Hubby and I send an additional gift in our family and friends names and with Valentine Day's approaching what better gift to give a love one than a donation in their name.

We are so fortunate as parents to be blessed with the gift of parenthood and have learned in this short period of time as parents that God would never put an obstacle in front of us that we cannot conquer.

So this Valentine day share your love with the family's of St. Jude who may need a little extra and bless your love one's with a donation in their honor. It goes a long way and I always think that, I too could be faced with these obstacles.

Each Month I look forward to sharing with you the faces of the children I have been fortunate enough to sponsor. Though it is heart wrenching to know that, that precious child is fighting for their life, it is heart warming to know that I am contributing to make a difference.

You too, will feel the joy with your donation this Valentine's Day! They also have a great catalog that has the perfect items for gift exchanges.

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