Thursday, January 24, 2008

Priceless Moment Edition 001

Unopened Running Shoes with nifty little running device: $88

Treadmill: I am guessing around $300. Not really sure it was a gift from the Hubby, but don't worry I asked him for it. Oh, could you imagine the hint that would have dropped if I had not ask for it.

Uncharged I-Pod: $200

Choosing to have a 100,000+ calorie Frito Pie, a glass of wine (okay two glasses), cookies and watch Grey's Anatomy curled up next to my Charlie girl (our precious whippet) instead of using any of the above items: Priceless

Yes, today I shall eat Frito Pie! However, tomorrow I will settle for a nice plate of air with a side of motivation.

In conclusion to this priceless moment, please note that some (ALL) New Years Resolutions are planned with good intentions but not necessarily planned to be executed on January 1. I feel (STRONGLY) that if a resolution is attempted anytime between now and 12/31 11:59 2008, then yep you can mark it off the list. So at that rate, I should have plenty of time to get out there and get this post baby butt back into shape.

Maybe I should hang one of my old swimsuits up as motivation...nah. No way these baby bearing hips are getting back in to that thing. But if that miracle should happen, then you can bet your bottoms that I will be(thinking about) posting a pick of that.

Have a Good Evening! I think I will squeeze one more cookie in before calling it a night.

If you have any motivation tips, PLEASE send them my way. However, please exclude any tips on which lighters are the best, because I too know that a good old fashion fire under my butt would motivate me quit nicely!

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