Monday, January 7, 2008

The Onesie Toss

Rookie Mistake -- 0001 Onesie Toss....

For all of those Mom's out there you have had to experience at least once the uncomfortable moment when your child fills up the pamper to it's max. For me that moment was at 10 weeks and I just sat there in amazement that something so small could do so much damage.

Panicking a little the only solution I could come up with at the time was just to perform the Onesie Toss. What is the onesie toss you ask? Well it is plain and simple, you wrap the evidence into a tight little ball, place it into a Ziploc bag, stand away from the garbage can and gently TOSS it! Seemed like a good idea right? Bye, Bye poopy pants.

Then it happened again this time in of course not a nice little affordable outfit but in probably one of her most expensive outfit, so the onesie toss just wasn't going to happen, I would have to step up to the plate and bear the pain of scrubbing the evidence out.

After several failed attempts with dreft, tide and all the things you probably shouldn't wash your kids clothes with, I reached back in the laundry pantry for the last option I had...Oxi Clean.

What a miracle this stuff is!! I recommended it to all you new moms who need to do a little extra scrubbing.

Though I enjoyed my onesie tossing, I can now say that those days are over and Oxi clean is here to stay.

If you guys have any other suggesstions please feel free to provide them.

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Yeah! Now I can add you too my morning routine of Tab and Blogs. Look forward to seeing my favorite niece and hearing about all she has done. Love to all Michelle