Friday, January 11, 2008

Members Only

Yesterday, I flew to Dallas for a business meeting. But before I get into that I would like to first mention that Southwest now has a new boarding system. Yes, my friend they now have a whole new method to their "No Assigned Seating" madness. Now instead of lining up under the nice A, B, or C line in no particular order you now get to line up into sections under those nice pretty letters. Granted it is much easier, but I still have to chuckle at the people who still arrive an hour early just to now stand in front of their designated zones under those pretty little A, B, or C sections.

Now to the fun part! On the flight up to Dallas I sat next to this very well put together Litigator from Beaumont. We talked about our little ones that are in school and how we both lived in Austin for a while, business, the weather and so forth until our quick fifty minute flight came to an end.

As we stood up to race off to our destinations I could not help but giggle when he grabbed his coat down from the overhead bend. As opposed to the typical sport coat, there it was before my Original Members Only Jacket, Navy I might add! I just had to ask him, "Sir, when you put that jacket on does something just happen?"

Side Note -- for those who are not aware of where my question came from, it was their advertising tag line in the 80's.

I am guessing he knew what I was talking about because he replied, why yes ever since the 80's when I got it in college. I guess somethings are just hard to let go of. As for my hubby's Members Only jacket; well, he gave it away to some girl in Jr. High!

When KC and I look back on our childhood we always get a good laugh at the fashion fads we fell victim to and when we see them pop up unexpectedly in our every day life we just can't help but mention them. So it poses the question, have you spotted a members only jacket lately?

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